Dear Friends,
I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you who have provided Fermier with tremendous support and help so that we could celebrate our Silver Jubilee in March 2011.
In 1991, we started publishing the cheese specialty seasonal magazine, ‘Aristeeas.’ The magazine enabled me to share my personal experiences and knowledge gained through numerous visits to cheese makers since our company foundation with a wider audience.
Aristeeas provided me new opportunities to write essays, and to speak at seminars, as well as to organize enjoyable events for meeting cheese aficionados face to face.

From 1996, we began organizing independent tours for cheese appreciation with our customers and staff. By February 2011, Fermier had conducted 40 such independently coordinated cheese tours.

Throughout these years and opportunities, many Fermier staff members have grown to become cheese experts, who naturally appreciate cheese makers and their products. I share this profound affection with my young colleagues, and we cherish the cheeses created by great makers from all over the world. Our love for cheese is like our love for our adorable children. The numerous cheese experts I’ve met on the road and at various events are the shining companions of my life. Just as important, my colleagues and staff are my most precious assets.

The world of cheese is wonderful because it takes you everywhere, connecting you to new people every day to form a beautiful circle. Let us enjoy ‘le plaisir de la vie avec des fromages,’ shall we?

Rumiko Honma,CEO Fermier S.A.