Members Club

Welcome to Fermier’s Members Club

There are various exclusive benefits offered by Fermier Members Club – hot news and fresh information about cheeses around the world, on-line shopping for small portions of themed cheeses, cheese seminars, cheese tasting events in Atago’s Salon, and much more.


These are the basic advantages for members:

  • With a member’s card, all merchandise is discounted 10% off the regular price. (Some books or already discounted products may be excluded).
  • Fast lane access for all Fermier events and discounted admission fees for the events.
  • On-line shopping and assorted cheese selection packages may also qualify for discounts.
  • Birthday discounts are available for members. For all shopping during your ‘birthday’ month, members receive a 5% extra discount in addition to their regular 10% off price.
    (For on-line shopping, an additional 5% off the members special price.)
  • Members receive Fermier’s Tsushin newsletter every month, and pretty post cards with cheese promotion ideas.
  • Information on seasonal gift packages and any extra-special cheese sales.


Membership fee

For Individuals:
Annual:        ¥3,000
For 3-year period:  ¥8,000

How To Join

Membership applications are available at all Fermier shop counters.
Just visit one of Fermier’s Atago, Shibuya, or Sapporo shops.
Complete an application form, pay the membership fee, and you become our important club member right away!

Membership application online
To become a member online, the first step is placing an order for any cheese at Fermier’s online shopping site.After you decide which cheese to purchase, as you proceed with instructions there is an option where you are asked if you would like to join the members club: