Cheese is often said to be a gift from the Gods.
The mystique of cheese culture can be explained only in part as the divine wisdom that inspired human beings to realize that a small portion of animal milk could be preserved and developed into such delicious food. The gods are not the only element involved in cheese making. Terroir, the geographic and natural conditions of the land, wildlife of indigenous plants and animals, and of course the people, smart and productive for sustainable living, all affect cheese making.

The natural chemistry of all these crucial elements has crystallized to compose the wonderful history of cheese.Fermier genuinely wishes to offer customers in Japan the finest cheeses that only this long heritage and rich culture could create.
‘Fermier’ is a French word meaning ‘hand-made,’ and ‘farmstead’.
Fermier was chosen as the name of our company because the founder wished to cherish the invaluable legacy crafted by dedicated cheese farmers as their appreciation of this special gift from the Gods. This mission continues as Fermier strives to locate and introduce wonderful cheese artists and farmers from all over the world and connect them with cheese fans here in Japan.